About us

A tree is a product of nature. That as such makes the growing of trees something special. Weather conditions, plant diseases, quality of the soil, they all have their influences on the quality of the tree. That is why mere professional skill and constant attention are so vitally important for the trees.

Our company

Van IJmeren has chosen for a range of scale in which a wide range of trees can be combined with the utmost personal care for the trees. This care starts with the budding or grafting and ends when the trees have reached their destinations. We know how to cultivate a tree that can optically meet with all standards, but moreover that is vital and strong, and will easily grow anywhere. Van IJmeren has now over 15 years experience in growing quality trees, and in these years very close relations have grown with other tree nursery men and gardeners. In the meantime more and more private garden owners found their way to Van IJmeren. They appreciate personal attention – not only for the trees, but also for the customer. You want to know more?